Friday, June 12, 2020

Austin Justic Coalition #BlackLivesMatter Rally Pt. 1: Color.

#blacklivesmatter. Austin, TX.
The #blacklivesmatter flag waving in front of the Texas State Capitol. Austin, TX.

These photos will speak for themselves. I will not say much on the matter in lieu of allowing Black America to speak up while we listen. There is a lot of turmoil happening in this country and it is long overdue for major positive change. The movement here in Austin has varied from immensely peaceful protests to incredibly shocking police violence against Austin citizens. Thankfully, this rally conducted by the Austin Justice Coalition was a powerful demonstration of peaceful human beings voicing their concerns, their pain, and the changes they want to occur.

Thank you AJC for hosting an exceptionally moving event. I was happy to be here and make these images as we all chanted, sweated, and listened together in the melting heat, all craving for an uplifting change. Awake & Moving stands in full support with #blacklivesmatter.

Chas Moore, founder of Austin Justice Coalition, speaks to a crowd of thousands.

Strong speeches were made in blistering heat.

Powerful words both vocal and on signage.

We have a long way to go, and I am happy to be fighting for change.

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