Friday, April 13, 2018

Live From The Stage: Gramatik at Emo's

Gramatik. Austin, TX.
Gramatik at Emo's. Austin, TX

My buddy Chris Drazah brought back some great images from the Gramatik show a few weeks back. Stoked to finally be able to share them with you all. Looked like it was a great show! I'm always interested in how an electronic artist performs their work given the [usual] lack of live instruments and being only one person. Watching a band has a much different feel, so being able to see stuff like this, especially live, is something I find intriguing. I hope these images do the show justice if you weren't there.

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Gramatik. Austin, TX.

Gramatik. Austin, TX.

Gramatik. Austin, TX.
Always a fan of these back-of-house shots.

Gramatik. Austin, TX.

Gramatik. Austin, TX.

Gramatik. Austin, TX.

Gramatik. Austin, TX.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Nock To Range with John Dudley at Archery Country.

Nock On Nation. Austin, TX.
John Dudley coaching members of the Nock On Nation at Archery Country. Austin, TX.

In my quest to pursue a more self-sustaining life, I started practicing archery last year with the longterm goal of using bowhunting as my primary source for obtaining the meat I consume (or at least as much of it as possible). With a DIY spirit, I began to practice at my local archery range, Archery Country, every week. I didn't know anything about archery other than you hold the bow with one hand, pull the arrow back with the other, and let it fly. Simple, right? Come to find out that it is essentially that, coupled with a ton of other nuances that affect your accuracy and consistency. This is where dedication, time, and reps come into play.



The excitement grew with me every day I would go shoot and so did the reality that if I intend to make ethical kills, I definitely need to learn more about what I'm doing. During this early time in my practice, I sought after any online resources I could find to help me become a better archer and bowhunter. Through one of my favorite podcasts (and probably yours), JRE, I was introduced to a man named John Dudley. Dudley is a world-renowned archer with many national and world titles and an extremely skillful bowhunter. John is also the creator of the Nock On Archery, an expansive online resource for learning archery and hosting Dudley's brand of archery gear. I began watching John's podcasts and videos to learn more about the components and tools used on bows, understand hunting with a bow, and to learn how to improve my shooting on the range. The wealth of knowledge on this site is ridiculously immense.

Dudley coaching a young archer.

Get Onnit!
Kyle Kingsbury and son. 

Archery Country in Austin, TX.
Some of the Archery Country crew enjoying some good eatin'.

Last week John Dudley paid us a visit at Archery Country to help coach as many people that showed up that were willing to learn. Archery Country fired up the Traeger pellet grill and threw on a full barbecue in true Texas fashion. Welcome to Austin once again Mr. Dudley!

World Champion and archery guru, John Dudley.
 The master, John Dudley.

Dudley gives pointers to a fellow archer.

As if free barbecue and free lessons from Dudley weren't enough, we were also treated with an old fashioned shoot out between Onnit creator and CEO Aubrey Marcus and his longtime friend, Director of Total Human Optimization at Onnit, Kyle Kingsbury. Needless to say, it was all eyes on these two as they took turns shooting a tobacco can at 20 yards. It was pretty awesome watching these guys participate in friendly battle. Competition certainly exposes how well one does under pressure and is something I love to participate it at any level in virtually anything I do.

The legendary Aubrey Marcus.
Onnit creator and CEO, Aubrey Marcus.

Aubrey Marcus versus Kyle Kingsbury in an archery shoot-out.

True inspirations.
Dudley, Marcus, and Kingsbury.

Archery has become an integral part of my pursuits to reduce my impact on the environment and my hunger for continuing to challenge myself with something new. When I am on the range, I find peace in learning something foreign (yet also inherent) with a bigger goal in sight. I am also sure to make time to simply have fun shooting and not take myself too serious. I am extremely grateful that I live in a city with such an established archery presence as Archery Country has and the staff their is about as friendly and helpful as it can get.

Under Armor in the house.

Dudley coaching form and release.
This is Joey from San Antonio. He and his woman drove out to this event for an opportunity to get coaching from the Dud. I'll take a two-hour drive to learn from John Dudley over waiting in line for Supreme any day.

U.S. Military vet, Omar "Crispy" Avila.
 Omar "Crispy" Avila releases one down range.

A family of shooters.
A family that shoots together, stays together.

Next time you're in Austin, be sure to stop by Archery Country. Whether you are new to archery or a seasoned vet, have dreams of becoming a target champion or a bowhunter, or just looking to try something new, Archery Country is the place to get started and you will definitely leave with a smile on your face. Bring your date, bring the family, or come solo. Stop by and let's shoot some arrows!

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Moving into downtown with Zero. Austin, Tx.
ATX nights with homies. Austin, TX.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Half Naked and Half Freezing at Cupid's Undie Run ATX

Cupid's Undie Run. Austin, TX.
Competitors line up for Cupid's Undie Run. Austin, TX

There's something so invigorating about a running in cold weather wearing only your underwear and a smile. The national charity "Cupid's Undie Run" just completed back to back weekends hosting their annual run. The Undrie Run is more than your average fun-run. It is less of a race and more of a party in where competitors meetup to mingle and socialize, take a brief run in the neighboring streets in their undies, and then return to start for more partying. All in the name of children's charity. How dope is that?

I want to be this cool when I get to be his age.
This guy's costume was fantastic.

This was my first introduction to this particular race and it was more than I could have asked for. It takes a lot of guts to hang out and party with a bunch of strangers in your underwear, let alone in 45 degree cold. But boy do these people know how to have fun! I met a lot of great people at the run and saw so many fun underwear and costumes. Everyone was a great sport for my camera and I don't think I've ever met so many people so comfortable with their own skin. Which is great because that in itself can be a big hurdle for most of us. I saw the most diverse range of ages and body types here and everyone had a big smile throughout the day. Nothing but good vibes all around.

Pre-run shenannigans.

Buford's was lit.

Cupid's Undie Run aims to raise money for the Children's Tumor Foundation to aid in their research in finding a cure for Neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes tumor growth. It's safe to say this is not only a solid effort to find a cure, but to have a blast while helping out.

The things we do...
That's a smart way to do it!

Part guy.
Straight flexin' in that jacket. You sir, are a winner!

The run is super short, about a mile in length, but the impact is long-lasting. Both in terms of the charity funds and also in the experience. Buford's Backyard Beer Garden was a party all afternoon with plenty of food, alcohol, oversized-Jenga, oversized-Connect Four, costumes, dancing, little red undies, and a few tighty-whiteys. Awards were given out to individuals and teams who raised the most money and everyone came together for a great cause.

Highest fund raisers.

This guy on cloud nine.
This guy was in heaven lol.

Mr. Boobie Buter.

While I myself was fully clothed, it was awesome to see people put themselves out there in public. Maybe I'll shoot the run in my undies next year...

The epitome of fun personalities.
Cupid's dresscode: random head accessories, Victoria's Secret, MeUndies, and a little DIY.

Probably the swaggiest of the lot.
Swag on 9000.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Live From The Stage: Softest Hard

Softest Hard. Austin, TX.
Softest Hard at The Parish. Austin, TX.

Keep your eye on this one. She's gonna be everywhere sooner than you think. LA-based DJ and model Softest Hard came through Austin, TX for her first headlining tour to party on Dirty Sixth. It was a fairly cold night and of course, that didn't stop the party animals from turning up in and outside of the bars and clubs on 6th Street.

Straight vibin'.

Girl power.
All smiles with this one.

I stepped in halfway through her set to snap a few flicks after some street shooting. Dark lighting is always a challenge to shoot in, but I am happy with what I was able to come home with. I will definitely bring a flash next time to catch the crowd though. With solid washes of purples and blues, I felt right in my element.

S/O to The Parish.

Shooting live performances in foreign venues is always a fun gamble. Safe to say I rolled a seven and got what I came for. Thank you for coming to Texas, we look forward to your return Softest! Let's roll one next time you're here.

Until then, keep crushing it!

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Opening Night: Mike Giant x Morning Breath Inc.

Youngblood. Austin, TX.
...And the youth shall inherit the world. Austin, TX.

Holy shit! Volcom Garden was on FIRE this past weekend. After a great art party with Mike Giant and a couple dozen local artists earlier in the week, I had no idea what to expect for opening night of "Where Do We Go From Here?", but I was excited af. And let me tell you, it lived up to the hype.

Can't Stop, Won't Stop.
Industry Print Shop freshly inking your goods live at the show.

Industry was in the house doing some live printing, the halfpipe out back was being crushed, and I was getting lost in all the little quotes found on Giant's pieces. I'm gonna preface the rest of this post by saying I did not capture much of the art on camera--you just have to see this stuff in person to fully grasp how amazing it is. Instead, with these photos I'm sharing my overall experience of the vibes that were turnt up to 11. There were so many beautiful people braving the 45-degree temperature to hang out and take in a great body of work. That's dedication to what you love.

New faces.
These two were too beautiful to pass up. Such style and smiles!

I made a new friend! This is Marbles.

2018, The Year of The Female.
This girl was getting it in.

Volcom Garden is quickly becoming my favorite venue in Austin. It takes me over an hour by bus & foot but nights like this make it worth it 100%. Aside from a gallery space and full-on Volcom shop, the outdoor area hosts a 6-foot pipe and plenty of room to party and dance. I've never been one for transition, however every time I come here and see these guys and gals crushing the pipe, I get the urge to get up there and smash my face in. There's a fluidity that comes naturally with skating transition and these skate rats were doing a damn good job crushing it. So much fun to watch.

Old School skating with New School.

Cold weather, hot coping.
45 degrees and dropping. Everyone kept that pipe hot though.

Sneaks Up alumni.
Whuddup Gabe!

"Where Do We Go From Here?" will be up for a couple of weeks, so stop in some time and check out this amazing work. I guarantee you will love the work and leave with a smile on your face. I know I'll be wearing my smile all week after this mayhem.


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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Fractions: Last Days in SA Film.

Continuing on my lost rolls, this set is essentially the last roll I shot in San Antonio before moving to Austin. It spans about a year as I wasn't shooting much film at this time having recently acquired my DSLR. There's a good mix of stuff here from my solo bando pieces to street shots in DTSA. I really genuinely miss shooting in Downtown San Antonio, there were always interesting people to photograph (when it wasn't dead). It's nice to revisit these last few memories of SA being out and about doing what I love. I left a little story below each image to provide some context. In any case, I hope you enjoy these images because I certainly enjoyed making them.


A new photog buddy I met through Street Keepers showed Ren and I and a few others this bando in Southtown which is now condos or apartments or some shit. This building was re-purposed and completed after I left so idk what it is today. Anyway, I came back by myself a couple of weeks later to get some painting in. During this time I had something to prove to myself--that I was still "down" to paint anywhere because at this time, I was losing my drive to do so. I packed my old Shorty's bag and resurrected this old ghost character I used to draw everywhere in my college years. I always wanted to further develop this creature but never got around to it. I'm glad I at least finally put it up on a wall at a much bigger size.

Heavy on the mascara.

This was maybe the third or fourth piece I put in this bando. I essentially tried to leave my mark on every floor. In this instance, I was [poorly] channeling my inner James Haunt. Bandos, even in midday, are spooky and the threat of popo makes me jittery because the thought of getting arrested for painting decay is outright retarded to me. This day was actually the day I began leaving my name off of any of my work and simply using the reverted crown as a signature, which I've been using ever since. This particular spot on the wall was really linear and rather clean of paint. I had no idea what to paint here so I reverted to my comicbook days, painting a girl's flowing hair and chunky mascara. Word to Around The Fur.

DTSA. San Antonio, TX.

This view of Downtown San Antonio was taken at the very top of the bando looking out of a concrete window. I painted along the inside of it and then just sat and watched the city from this height. Something inside told me it would be one of the last times I would see this skyline, especially from this angle. I knew I would be leaving the city again, so I made the most of it and snapped this photo while quietly taking it all in. I probably spent the most of this day at the top just watching the city on one side and looking at the developing Southtown on the other.


I couldn't tell you what day this is if I tried. I've spent so much time in DTSA after copping my DSLR that these street days have become a blur. This certainly isn't my first image of someone randomly preaching with a bible in downtown, but it's probably the only one I've captured on film. Not the sharpest, but I'm stoked it came out as clear as it did with that shaky lens. I believe this is on S. Presa, a block south of the Hard Rock.

DTSA has many faces.

I used to see this guy a lot downtown and honestly, he always looked tweaked out on something. Most likely on Spice (K2, synthetic weed, etc.). It's sad to see what drugs do to people and, like the homeless, it isn't something I like to photograph. On this day though, from what I can remember, he seemed very quiet and "normal". Just another transient enjoying sustenance on the streets of DTSA. Wherever he is today, I hope he's doing better and is off the cheap drugs for good.

No shame for love.

I came pretty close to getting into a scrap with this guy for this photo. The woman looked over at me, noticing me lining up my shot, but didn't say anything as this guy lovingly (or lustfully, take your pick) pleaded to her. I snapped and moved toward the crosswalk behind him. I guess at this point she mentioned my camera and he approached me, squared up and ready to throw hands. He asked what I was doing and why. My reply? The truth: "It was a really nice moment, man. I just wanted to capture it. It was a beautiful moment!" He nodded after realizing I meant no harm and gave me the non-verbal "Orale" nod and went back to his ruca. I fucking miss this corner so much.


Former home of the multi-time Championship Spurs! Man, this image holds a special place for me even though, from a technical standpoint, it sucks lol. A couple of hours before this we were having our third SK walk, prior to when we even coined the SK name for our movement. During the second part of the day, I met Cory, Zero, and Vince. After the photowalk was "over", we continued into the night making our way to the Convention Center that was still under construction at the time (2014). We waltzed in, surprisingly easily, and climbed up to the second floor of the structure which didn't even have any walls yet. Just a few beams and barely a floor to walk on. It was cold, wet, and there were no lights. It's a view of the Alamodome that simply cannot be replicated as the Convention Center has since been completed. The reason this photo means so much though is that Cory and Zero have become great friends of mine since that day and we've had a lot of fun adventures together. It feels like so long ago, but also feels like it was only a few weeks ago.

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