Thursday, March 26, 2020

3 HiFi Covid Coloring Pages To Print and Relax To.

During these trying and very uncertain times of a global problem, the most unique of its kind in my lifetime, I have been spending most of my time thinking, staying active with my pup, and creating. At quick glance, this is pretty standard for me. My time is usually divided up into these three activities with varying degrees of each. However, today my thoughts are much more anxious and uneasy than they've ever been. And so are my friends' thoughts. My colleagues'. And my family's. And probably yours, too. We are all experiencing something so incredibly new that virtually no one is prepared for yet everyone can't seem to stop discussing or worrying about across every platform, digital or otherwise.

I have found that meditation is so critical at times like this to maintain a level head and stay logical so that I can process and proceed through difficult times with logic, safety, and kindness towards others. I encourage meditation to so many people I encounter because daily meditation has proven to be extremely beneficial for myself in keeping my mind sharp and calm during moments of high stress. While people all over the world have their own ideas of what meditation is and isn't, it is my belief that there are many forms of meditation that each have their own outcomes and uses. While a guided mindfulness meditation works for me at the beginning of my day in clearing my brain of the morning fog and prepare myself for the hours ahead, I often find a different sense of remaining present and calm in other meditative activities such as archery, printmaking, gardening, or simply walking through nature.

Like most people around the world, I could use a Mute button for a few hours a day--especially now. The constant bombardment of information, misinformation, jokes, memes, pleas, and everything else attached to Covid-19, are enough to drive even the most enlightened mind into a scattered frenzy. So I wanted to offer you some images from a recent series I created for use as coloring pages for you, your children, your family, your friends, your neighbors, etc. We can all benefit from putting down the phone for a few hours, grabbing whatever colors or writing utensils we have handy, and unplugging onto a physical piece of paper. We are all so hooked on our phones in this era that if they leave our eyes and hands (or wrists for you Apple Watch users) for even a few minutes, we begin to feel antsy and uneasy, wondering what we are missing or who is looking for us, often reaching back for our phone without realizing it as we scroll mundanely through yet another slew of content surrounding this thing.

I'm tired.

I am mentally exhausted and it's only been about two weeks of this being an immediate issue. I could use a fucking break. And I am sure you can too. So take these images, print them multiple times, and color the world however you see fit. Put the phone down and spread these images instead of another toilet paper meme or complaint or worry. Send your finished pieces my way via @awakeandmoving. You don't have to tag me in anything, just share them with your loved ones and pass the blank images along so that others can use them. 

These images are NOT for sale by any means to anyone, so if you see them reproduced for monetary gain other than through myself and Awake & Moving, please notify me asap.

These are for your mental peace. To bring you and your loved ones together, even if you are psychically apart. Have fun!

Casey Cake Cone. Extra sprinkles, always."

"Dana Dreamsicle. I'm juicy."

"Sam Slurpee. Sugar rush for everyone!"

Stay Creative,

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