Monday, February 3, 2020

Submission Challenge 2019 Part 2: Grace In Chaos.

Submission Challenge 2019. Cedar Park, TX.
WAR! Cedar Park, TX.

Some of my favorite images this day looked so much doper in black & white. While I tend to capture both action and grace separately when photographing jiu jitsu, sometimes I hit both simultaneously and it makes me really happy. These events are getting increasingly more interesting every time I photograph one. There are so many details that are easily missed to my naked eye that I get to capture with my lens. While shooting these events, I will take a break from the action to capture images that focus more on shape and form. I like to make images like this to highlight the artistic grace that comes with this sport because so many people look past it. It puzzles me how people tend to boo grappling in MMA fights. Usually it is because they lack an understanding of what is happening so they cannot appreciate it. Hopefully images like this can help encourage those minds that there is more happening than they initially think. Jiu jitsu is an amazing art and I am happy to be diving deeper into these waters.

Dark Clan's Victoria holding on.
 Victoria (Dark Clan Fight Lab) working side control.

Victoria of Dark Clan Fight Lab w/Derrick Garza.

Rear naked sinking in.

Getting coach's advice.

Lock up.

10th Planet represent!
 Mary Angela (10th Planet Austin) is a fucking BEAST.

About to fuse!

Mary with the escape.

Picture me rollin'.

Flexibility is key!

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