Thursday, January 30, 2020

Submission Challenge 2019 Part 1: Power and Domination.

Submission Challenge 2019. Cedar Park, TX.
Choke attempt at Submission Challenge 2019. Cedar Park, TX.

Slowly but surely I am becoming obsessed with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I attend as many events as possible and I love making photographs at tournaments because I get to capture some moments that often happen too fast--blink and you'll miss it. The past year I've been sitting on a backlog of photos from shows, tournaments, street walks, and more. My goal is to catch up this year and what better place to start than last year's Submission Challenge event in Cedar Park. As we approach this year's matches next month, I wanted to get these done to help build up some anticipation. I broke these sets up from full-color and black & white. For myself, full-color tends to showcase more of the action where my black & white images express the more artistic side of jiu jitsu. Yin and yang, ebb and flow.

This was a solid fight.

Jacob of 10th Planet Austin.

Bad ass Mary doing the damn thang.

Mary gets the tap.
Mary Angela (10th Planet Austin) completing a triangle/armbar submission. 

We are the Dark Clan!
Victoria (Dark Clan Fight Lab) keeping composed.

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