Friday, February 7, 2020

Submission Challenge 2019 Part 3: Sneaky Chess.

Submission Challenge 2019. Cedar Park, TX.
Controlling the gi. Cedar Park, TX.

Jiu jitsu is a fun martial art to watch and while no gi competitions are a bit more technical for me, gi fights are way sneakier. And that excites me! It is so much more crafty with the gi when you weave your limbs through and make subtle adjustments to your opponents garb, slowly gaining position and control, often times without them knowing. I love making photos in competitions because the extra folds in the fabric make for such interesting shapes. It brings an entirely new dynamic to the image. Although the premises are similar, there is a much different approach when competing with a gi. A different mindset needs to take place to find success. Overall, this day was so packed with so many fights I came home with a ton of great shots. Enjoy!

The tap!
The tap out! 

Collar Control to Major Tom.
Control the collar.

Getting tangled.

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