Monday, January 14, 2019

Gangster Gibbs Swangs Through Texas Part 1.

Freddie Tour. Austin, TX.
We can do it all night, baby! Austin, TX.


Holy shit this guy just gets better and better. I had the pleasure of photographing Freddie back in 2015 and I was super impressed having not known much about him much at the time. A muther fucker know Freddie now, believe that. As much as his steelo has improved since then, at his core he's still Gangster Gibbs. It's still a plate a chicken with the bread stuck to the bottom. It's still all the fries you can give us. BET.


G Perico held it DOWN. 

I can't say enough good things about G Perico. Holy shit this dude is raw. Took me back to mid-90's South Central LA rap. This dude took us to LA as he rapped through his set with an upbeat Westcoast vibe and a tone that reminded me of DJ Quik. I was sold immediate as this dude just has that vibe about him that is so nostalgic from my youth.

Freddie in Chinatown Market.
 Chinatown Market in full effect.


I shot most of this show from the crowd given that this venue does not have a pit. It took me back to my early days, dreaming of the opportunity to have a better camera setup other than disposables and access to the front of the stage for the best shot. Shooting from the crowd always presents challenges and that's what makes photography so exciting--you never know what's gonna happen from one moment to the next. You just have to be ready.

Freddie Gibbs brings such an incredible hood vibe to his shows, yet his lyricism and sharp presence exude a certain professionalism. This dude shows up and puts in that work. I've been to plenty of rap shows and yet none can really compare to Freddie's performance. He's just on another level and is brimming with confidence as every word gets spit. This just can't be replicated.


Smokin' that Freddie Kane! 

Gangster AF.

Big ups to Freddie, his management, and Scoremore for the opportunity to make these images happen.

Stay Creative,

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