Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Skateboarding Is Not A Sin.

No-Comply 11th Annual Deck Design Contest. Austin, TX.
"Skateboarding Is Not A Sin".

No-Comply is celebrating their eleventh year of business and the accompanying annual deck design contest marches on. This year I wanted to take the photographic approach with my entry and provide a clean, sharp design. Last year's design was all about vector and illustration, this year is about photo and message. We are all too familiar with the long-infamous "Skateboarding Is Not A Crime" design from Santa Cruz. I borrowed the slogan and put my own twist on it (in true streetwear fashion) using a photo I shot in San Antonio a couple years back during one of our Street Keepers photowalks.

Skateboarding Is Not A Sin.

For years skateboarding was (and probably still is in some cases) seen as dirty, sinful behavior to the over-righteous. They can all blow it out their ass as far as I'm concerned. Skateboarding is an expression and if you're not hurting anyone, fuccit--live your dream. Skate every damn day and wreak havoc. The child may grow, but the spirit of skateboarding stays youthful within us all until we're throwing hammers on the stairway to heaven.

No-Comply, best skate shop in Austin!

Friday January 19, 2018 No-Comply will host their celebration with the deck design art show, live bands, skate ramp, video premiere, and Volcom Skate tees screenprinted on-site courtesy of the homies at Industry Print Shop. Vans Skate will be in the house. Cons will be in the house. And the entire event is FREE. 

I'm looking forward to the madness, hope to see you there!

Stay Creative,

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