Friday, December 8, 2017

Art Posters Celebrate Our Amazing 59 National Parks.

59 Parks Print Series. Austin, TX.
59 Parks. Austin, TX.

Mondo just keeps CRUSHING it! This time with the 59 Parks touring poster show put on by The National Poster Retrospecticus, an internationally travelling poster show. Boy was this show fun! Although having seen many of these screenprinted posters at events like MondoCon, it was nice to finally see all the others that weren't available in my previous sightings. Needless to say I was stoked for this show and pumped to see a few other posters outside of the 59 Parks show, like Draplin's "Space Shuttle" (as seen below with DDC-166, my MondoCon 2017 pick-up).

Aaron Draplin's space shuttle.

Deep Fried Frenz.
"A wizard, a videographer, and a comedic cyclist enter an art gallery..."

I invited my girlfriend and a few friends out to the show, including my homie Zero, fresh off the San Antonio taco truck and now biking through Austin with me. It was such a great feeling having my friends from different worlds finally come together and enjoy the night and each other's company amidst an amazing collection of posters.

My life is thankfully full of some really amazing people. Often these people exist as my friends independently of each other. I noticed this changes from your army of freinds who all know each other as you leave high school and then leave college. Your circles just get smaller and tighter and life keeps a small handful close to you, sometimes never overlapping but rather operating at different frequencies all together. And then sometimes the stars lineup for one night and we can all link up to enjoy some wonderful art together. What we like about each piece, what feelings they invoke within us, and so forth. Art shows with a lot of friends is always a great time. I'd argue even more than a night of boozin' collectively.

Lady Liberty. NYC, stand up!
Obsessed with the textures in some of these pieces. 

Poster gang.

NY to TX to AK.
Support the arts and support our public lands. #KeepItPublic

This show is easily one of my favorites of 2018. The amount of talent in these posters is so mind-boggling and super dope to see so many different approaches to landscapes and animals. On top of being such a great show, 5% of all sales from the 59 Parks Print Series will be directly donated to The National Parks Service in the effort to help them continue the great work they do preserving and protecting our public lands. Personally, I have been working on my own projects to celebrate our national parks and public lands with planned donations of my own and left this night with more inspiration to complete my series. Be on the lookout for that project early 2018.

Please remember that these lands were put here for us. For YOU. Definitely visit this show when it comes close to you and then make plans to visit one of these amazing landscapes so that you can see their beauty firsthand because no poster, no photo, no video, can accurately translate what these places are compared to physically being in them.

You just have to be there.

In the ever-changing and ass-backwards landscape that is politics, a recent presidential order threatens to significantly shrink two national monuments--Bear Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante (both in Utah). Now more than ever, I urge you to visit these public spaces so that their importance can be experienced for yourself. So that you can experience their energy and beauty for yourself. If you are interested in joining the fight for keeping public lands public, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is a great place to start.

Keep public lands in public hands.

Stay Creative and Stay Vigilante,


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