Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Endless Inspiration of MondoCon 2017.

Retroband's MEATS. Austin, TX.
MEATS on deck at MondoCon 2017. Austin, TX.

This year I had the opportunity to return to MondoCon to check out some amazing work by an insanely talented list of creators. From Matt Taylor to Aaron Draplin to Unbox Industries, there was no shortage in diversity of amazing artists at MondoCon. Books, toys, patches, and a toooooooon of posters were all on display, ready to jump into attendees' eager hands. It's difficult to walk through the exhibit halls and leave without picking up some dope art or merch. 

Draplin Design Co.: Pretty Much Everything.
SOLID book for any designer or creator.

The man himself, Aaron James Draplin.
The GOAT, Mr. Draplin.

So proud if this dude. Aaron Moreno aka STNCL.07. SATX REPRESENT!
Whuddup Aaron! Whuddup MEATS!

MondoCon is an awesome way to be inspired and take that inspiration home to your own work. It's so cool to witness so many artists making connections with their fans and customers. This is easily my favorite part about cons--when you buy something from an artist you love, the creator will likely be the one selling it to you personally and take a few moments to chop it up with you. When was the last time your favorite camera company talked to you about your photography goals after you bought one of their lenses? As artistic as cameras [and other areas of machinery and electronics] are, the "art world" is just different. And this is why I love being a part of it, as a participator, as well as a patron. Making connections with people directly in relation to my creations is one of the most inspiring parts about making art, making things. I'm all for building bridges.

Francesco Francavilla killing it.
Francesco Francavilla drawing/painting on a poster for a fan.


Can't Stop, Won't Stop!
S/O to the Industry homies.

Thanks again to the staff at Mondo for allowing me to come make some photos and see some pretty amazing work. I definitely left here with new inspirations and some cool merch to boot.

Stay Creative,

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