Friday, November 3, 2017

Live From The Stage: Ms. Lauryn Hill & Nas - Pt. 2

Nas. Austin, TX.
Nas performing for the PowerNomics Tour with Lauryn Hill. Austin, TX.

There's something aesthetically pleasing about black & white imagery that gives off a much different feel from color. For myself, making black & white photos produces a great challenge in focusing more on the technical aspects of an image that can easily be lost in color. Shooting in this manner forces me to pay heavy attention to light and shadows when composing images. Although I always shoot in color, often in many of my photos I compose them in such a way that I know will translate into the black & white vision I see in my brain. These photos from the Nas and Lauryn Hill show a couple weeks back are prime examples of manipulating light over color. These images are a bit heavier in power and emotion versus my color set from this show. I hope you all enjoy a more artistic and classical approach to the show.


Stay Creative,


Chronixx bass player pumping in the lows.
Chronixx had a great live band.

Fuck 'em.

Nas, forever Illmatic.

Nas performing live at COTA.
"If hip hop should die before I wake..."

The great Lauryn Hill.

L-Boogie in the house.

Lauryn Hill's backup singers doing a great job.

Ms. Lauryn Hill crushing it in Austin.

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