Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Toking. Austin, TX.
Smoke break on 6th. Austin, TX.

I spent a couple of hours lurking through Austin the other night during and after date-night. The evening started out at Cap City Comedy for my Uncle Joey. You may know him better as Joey Diaz. Needless to say, Joey had some good stories to tell and plenty of laughs were had. I only wish I has some Stars of Death and a Lee Syatt bong rip, but my stash did the trick and we all had a good chuckle with Joey's no-holds-barred storytelling.

Beautiful people at the skate bash.
All smiles at No-Comply's anniversary bash.

Empire was hosting the No-Comply 11-Year Anniversary party, so naturally we had to stop in to check out the skate deck design contest entries. I can never seem to get here early enough to get a decent shot of the wall with enough light, but there were some bangers for sure. I get super pumped seeing my work in this form and it motivates get my art printed on an actual deck some day. After scoring a free Volcom tee courtesy of Industry, we headed home. Here's where my night took an unexpected turn...

Throw It All Away.

There was so much fog over Austin on this night and I couldn't help but be in awe on the drive home. I have always been mesmerized by fog and even more so since getting my first digital camera. I knew my adventure wasn't over and started game planning in my head. After calling it a night with my lady, I hopped on the metro and stopped at the Capitol. I love roaming around this spot at night when all the tourists are gone and only those remaining are college kids having some lighthearted fun and other photographers capturing this amazing structure. The lack of sounds and people seem to make this place seem so much bigger at this hour.

Texas State Capitol.

After a few shots here, I found myself roaming into downtown unexpectedly. The original plan was to shoot the Capitol and head back. But, as so many night lurkings go, I found myself going further into the night. Eventually, as most downtown photo strolls encompass, my feet landed in Dirty 6th.

Street-side psychic.

I made a few rounds looking for fun people and moments. What I love most about these random outings is that I get lost in my own world. Time seems to fall out of existence, my thoughts and worries disappear, and I find myself truly in the moment. Very few things in life give me this kind of clear thinking and I am so thankful to have found even one thing that does this for me.

Grip it.

Strike while the iron is hot. I can't tell you how many times I've hopped off a bus early, showed up late to work, or stayed out all night for the simple urge of capturing the world around me through my lenses.

You never know what's going to come of these moments so when you feel the pull, just go with it. I promise you'll feel better for doing so.

Stay Creative,

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