Monday, January 9, 2017

The Cold Has No Love For You, But Awake & Moving Does.

Awake & Moving. Austin, TX.
New item in the online shop, the Oso Beanie.

I don't understand Texas weather. One day it'll be 80 degrees and by dinner it's down to 30. I was in shorts earlier this week and now I can't leave my house without several layers of sweaters and light jackets. This weekend has been super cold and hella windy. So the timing of this release is perfect. Until it hits 80 degrees again on Wednesday lol.

Protect Ya Dome!

Sewn by yours truly, BLUE731.

Nevertheless, in Texas, winter has a funny way of lingering around through February and sometimes all the way to March. I made a small handful of these beanies to test the waters and see how they'll be received. They come in black and navy, one size fits most. I'll make a few more if these soon, so get yours from this first wave while they're already produced. I do all the sewing of these tags by myself and let's just say there's a lot of expletives in making these but they are all made with love. Cop yours in the online shop while they last.


Stay Creative,

It's cold af out there!

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