Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fractions: 6am Streetwalk.

Downtown ATX. Austin, TX.
Early rainy mornings.

You can see some pretty amazing things before sunrise. Recently, we've been enjoying a 6am yoga class, arriving into downtown while it's still dark out. By the time class is over, the sun is out and the city is beginning to breathe it's first breaths of the day. This morning the sun was barely out but there were still plenty of people and new things to see.

Early morning bike rides through Downtown Austin.

Hard work is key.
Hard work. A prime tenet of Awake & Moving.

Quoth the pigeon: "Are you talking to me!?"
Poe vibes.

Possible future home to another over-priced sky-rise.
I'm just tryna ride that bike!

Waking up for yoga is definitely a great idea. Following up with some street photography is icing on the cake. I hit the streets for a bit with my phone to take in the early parts of this rainy morning.

If you can wake up early everyday for a job or class you hate, try waking up early at least once a week for something you LOVE.

Stay Grinding,

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