Monday, May 23, 2016

Fractions: Southwest Carnival.

Highway 71 carnival. Austin, TX.
Round and round, carnivals are always a great idea. Austin, TX

It's a beautiful thing when a random carnival pops into town. There's something magical about a pop-up carnival full of overpriced food, grifters, and neck-straining rides that just sparks so much excitement within me. I've been in Austin just under two months now and the same carnival has popped up twice. Sure it makes for great photo opportunities but for me, that's only half the fun. The other half is the carnie rides that bring out so much laughter out of me. So it's an easy bet to make my way down to any carnival with my camera in hand and twenty bucks for an unlimited wristband.

Tokens to buy food. Oh, carnival tricks...

I'm definitely one to risk my camera's safety in lieu of a great photo and carnivals are no exception. After some fried Oreos, we made our way on different rides throughout the night taking photos at varying speeds at different heights. Regretting the fried treats with every gate we passed. I tried some new edits for these images with the intent on just keeping my eyes fresh.

Smiles all around on swings.

Carnival lights in Austin.

Whenever a carnival makes it's way into your town or neighboring city, do yourself a favor and go in, get on some rides, and have some FUN. Life is too short to only go for the pretty lights.

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