Thursday, June 2, 2016

Lyricism Deconstructed: Vox Digs Into Rap Styles.

From Biggie to Mos to DOOM, watch as Vox and Open Mike Eagle break down top lyricists.

Last week I stumbled upon this ill video from Vox. I wanna say it was from one of Bobby Hundreds' newsletters but it could've easily popped up in my Recommended videos from YouTube. By this point I can't remember. Anyway, this video by Vox, the crazy dope website that breaks down the news to a fluff-less and concise understanding for us all, takes an interesting look at the construction of rhyme schemes and styles from some of my favorite lyricists.

I first found Vox on Snapchat sometime last year and I am always impressed by the things they put together. So although this video was no shocker in its high value, I was still amazed at how dope an idea like hip hop lyricism can be broken down to an almost science. After seeing Open Mike Eagle in the first minute, I knew I would be in for a treat. I watched this video and with every MC & rapper the narrator speaks about, I got more and more enthralled. It [the video] begs the question: Are these MCs and rappers conscious of their style of writing, or are they just letting the pen flow as naturally as possible, yielding these styles completely organically? My favorite section is the deconstruction of 3 Stacks' style of rhyming. Mostly because I love that record and spent so many nights painting live as it permeated my ears and provided me with creative fuel. Top this off as the video comes full circle with DOOM once more and digs deep into his style of rap. This video really blew my mind and it was a great story to watch in the morning as I ate breakfast. So heres to more bars with your morning cereal.

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