Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sneaks Up X.

Ten years of Sneaks Up. San Antonio, TX

Wow. Ten years. That's a long time. For anything, really. In ten years we've seen iPods phase out, Kanye transform into Yeezy, Instagram transform everyone into a photographer, and a lot of other pointless events. During the last ten years we've also seen a little sneaker show that started in a gym turn into one of San Antonio's premier events. Through passion and love, Sneaks Up has steady risen to great success and is one of my absolute favorite shows to be a part of. The atmosphere is always so wonderful and the creativity some exhibitors put into their displays is super dope. Not to mention I always see some wild ass shoes I won't see anywhere else. Awake & Moving will be in the house for this one, I'm heading out to San Antonio right now and I look forward to seeing you all at the best sneaker show in San Antonio. Come through and get one of the new Spurs stickers!

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