Friday, April 29, 2016

Sneaks Up X: Recap.

Sneaks Up X. San Antonio, TX.
Ten years deep, Sneaks Up does it proper every year. San Antonio, TX.

The tenth anniversary of Sneaks Up has come and gone and it was a blast! I've been a part of SU for the last 4 years or so and it always delivers. There's something quite special about being around so many passionate people in one space. Especially for something often seen as bizarre from anyone unknowing of the culture. This was the first year I took the brand out to be a part of the event on it's own, I usually setup as a solo artist. However, as I've been focusing more on Awake & Moving, I've been pushing this brand more than my own creations. Awake & Moving is an extension of my creative work and even though it is my creations that see print, the best part of the brand is showcasing it along with other talented individuals and groups and sharing what they do as well through the site.

Shoes are often sold or traded throughout the day.

Baby J's.
Baby sneakers, one of my favorite parts about SU.

Over the last few years, Sneaks Up has always shown me love and I am always happy to be a part of this show. From the most outlandish shoes, to the more subtle & clean, to the annual pre-show sneaker hunt, this event represents sneaker culture in the best ways. I can honestly say I put way too much time and money into this brand that I don't see myself shelling out mad dollars for kicks the way some people do, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate it.

Custom kicks, Sneaks Up does it so good.
 Created just for Sneaks Up, this shoe is just a marvel to look at. One of one!

Nike reflective on point.
So much reflective.

The show usually moves pretty quickly and I feel like I can never really see it all, even when I do walk around. Thankfully I was able to borrow some photos from Zina Zina (Art Is Hard) and see some cool things I may have missed. Even better, I get to let you all peek into the world of sneaker fanatics.

Diamond Supply Co. x Nike.
Whuddup Nick!

Norm Dawson, Sneaks Up face and voice.
The face and voice of Sneaks Up, N2THA0 aka Norm, handing out an award for Best Sneaker Display.

N2THA0 & yours truly, BLUE731.
Whuddup Norm!

Towards the end of every SU show, after the awards are handed out, the attendees take part in one of the coolest and most unique rituals I've ever seen: the annual raising of the shoes in highest honors. It's a magical thing seeing hundreds of people stop and raise their kicks. This year I was happy to raise my latest pickup, the red Torey from Diamond Footwear (not pictured, but S/O to Torey and Diamond--they skate so nicely).

Raise 'em high!

It's a celebration, bitches.

Ten years strong!
One of the coolest ceremonies.

It was good to be back in San Antonio, if even for just a day. After the show, we met up with my mom to eat at Pasha. It's even better than I remember and I was too busy eating to take a photo for you all. Just go and thank me later.

If you've never been to Sneaks Up, I highly suggest you make the next one. It truly is a lot of fun and a very unique pocket of San Antonio. One day I would like to produce a proper story featuring the history of SU, but for now, I am happy just being in the same building raising my kicks up with everyone else. Thank you Norm, Aaron, and the whole Sneaks Up staff for another great show, for all the love you've shown me, and, more importantly, for all the new experiences & windows into your culture that you have given me other the years. It's always an honor to be in such passionate company.

Congratulations on ten years, cheers to ten more!

Stay Creative,

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