Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Streets of San Francisco.

During my recent time in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to be shown around San Francisco by none other than the legendary Travis Jensen. It's a beautiful thing, this internet, and how it links and connects us all. With Travis and his buddy Mikey, we got to see what I felt was the real San Francisco. All beauty and tourist attractions aside, Travis showed us around his haunts and gave us a glimpse of what life is like living and working in SF. I am eternally thankful for the opportunity and for all of the knowledge he imparted on us. We spent a few hours walking miles through the city streets and alleys, ending our walk at EMB where we linked up with a few more homies.


The subway full of sleepy riders.

New heights courtesy of some online scouting by Cory. Thanks, G.

We went well into the alleyways and hidden spaces most do not see on a typical vacation. Our second night in San Francisco, after some exploring on our own, we linked up with a new homie, Devin, who helped us navigate the city at night. Nightwalks are always fun and it was very interesting to see the same areas from the day before in the dead of night. Busy areas are quiet and the chill spaces suddenly come to life.

Cory and Ozzy competing for the better shot.

The night lights in SF are dope.

We randomly stumbled upon a surprisingly lively park late at night.
I climbed to the top of the 10-12 foot fence to get this one.

Late nights at Embarcadero. Note the guy about to catch a face plant.

This guy tried to sell us a $5 card for $3. The bargain game is real out here.

What I cannot show you yet are the other SF gems--street and exploration--that I am pocketing for future projects. As the coming months go by, try to remember about those aces in my sleeve. And also the rolls of film I shot I've yet to develop.

One of my last shots in the city. Messages are everywhere, stay alert.


Keep Pushin' Forward,

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