Friday, November 20, 2015

Content Under Pressure 2015.

Content Under Pressure has come and gone once again and as usual, the event was a ton of fun. Once a year artists and hip hop purveyors gather at TPY Urban, just north of downtown San Antonio, for a weekend of graffiti and hip hop culture. This year the event was hosted alongside Universal Style School, a collective of artists and educators aiming to teach through hip hop. It was a weekend of painting, great music, and community vibes. There was also a photo show inside featuring work from much of the Street Keepers fam as well as some out of towners (read more about concrete here). I will keep this post short and let the photos tell the story. If you missed out, these images represent a concise idea of what went down.

The smell of aerosol in the alleys and walkways is a wonderful scent.

Hip hop in full effect with all elements represented properly.

Newcomer Linus steady living up to his name.

Homies Amber and Broseph enjoy the sights and drinks.

The god SLOKE came down from Austin to lay another killer piece down.


Style and good vibes, DOTE, TRIZ, and WIZART.

Youngblood. Self expression into the night hours.

Keep Pushin' Forward,

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