Monday, February 12, 2018

Opening Night: Mike Giant x Morning Breath Inc.

Youngblood. Austin, TX.
...And the youth shall inherit the world. Austin, TX.

Holy shit! Volcom Garden was on FIRE this past weekend. After a great art party with Mike Giant and a couple dozen local artists earlier in the week, I had no idea what to expect for opening night of "Where Do We Go From Here?", but I was excited af. And let me tell you, it lived up to the hype.

Can't Stop, Won't Stop.
Industry Print Shop freshly inking your goods live at the show.

Industry was in the house doing some live printing, the halfpipe out back was being crushed, and I was getting lost in all the little quotes found on Giant's pieces. I'm gonna preface the rest of this post by saying I did not capture much of the art on camera--you just have to see this stuff in person to fully grasp how amazing it is. Instead, with these photos I'm sharing my overall experience of the vibes that were turnt up to 11. There were so many beautiful people braving the 45-degree temperature to hang out and take in a great body of work. That's dedication to what you love.

New faces.
These two were too beautiful to pass up. Such style and smiles!

I made a new friend! This is Marbles.

2018, The Year of The Female.
This girl was getting it in.

Volcom Garden is quickly becoming my favorite venue in Austin. It takes me over an hour by bus & foot but nights like this make it worth it 100%. Aside from a gallery space and full-on Volcom shop, the outdoor area hosts a 6-foot pipe and plenty of room to party and dance. I've never been one for transition, however every time I come here and see these guys and gals crushing the pipe, I get the urge to get up there and smash my face in. There's a fluidity that comes naturally with skating transition and these skate rats were doing a damn good job crushing it. So much fun to watch.

Old School skating with New School.

Cold weather, hot coping.
45 degrees and dropping. Everyone kept that pipe hot though.

Sneaks Up alumni.
Whuddup Gabe!

"Where Do We Go From Here?" will be up for a couple of weeks, so stop in some time and check out this amazing work. I guarantee you will love the work and leave with a smile on your face. I know I'll be wearing my smile all week after this mayhem.


Stay Creative,

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