Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Discussing The Search For Truth Amidst A World of Chaos.

Jordan Peterson on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Podcasts have definitely become a growing avenue in which we absorb information and entertainment today. From self-help gurus, comedians, sports experts, ranters, and so much more, podcasts are increasingly becoming a great way to occupy the mind with information while we are doing other things, like sitting in traffic or preparing dinner. We live in a society where multi-tasking is paramount to living a balanced life and making time to entertain ourselves or learn something can be quite a struggle among all the other things we have to do. Hence the growing popularity of podcasts.

One of my favorite podcasts I have come to enjoy is the Joe Rogan Experience. I have been listening to Joe's podcast adamantly since about late 2013. My last two nine-to-fives were so excruciatingly boring and slow that I found myself looking for something to occupy my mind and help me feel like I wasn't wasting away at a job I despised. So while I worked on mindless tasks every day, I would spark my brain by listening to Joe and his guests to help keep my sanity.

What I have come to love about Joe Rogan's podcast is his wide array of guests, their diverse topics and tangents, and the long length of each show. When you're at work, between tasks and repeated pausing etc, three hours just fucking zooms by and listening to two episodes of JRE makes an 8-hour workday feel like a flash. I spent plenty of shifts becoming happier and enlightened listening and watching this podcast while I worked. During a lot of these podcasts, I could feel my brain expanding and I would finish the workday feeling much better. I would either be left feeling inspired or entertained or educated on different topics and it made me feel better every day.

Last year, I listened to this episode of JRE featuring Jordan Peterson, a psychologist and Toronto University professor, currently under heavy fire and intense scrutiny for refusing to use the 78+ gender pronouns. Since then, his situation has only grown and expanded into chaos and the entire thing has become highly intriguing to me. On one hand, you have SJW's speaking on behalf of transgender people and their suppression or lack of a voice, and on the other hand you have Jordan who feels this extreme enforcement of speech is a means to control one ideology and further cast aside truth in favor of being right. And this is the shortest way I feel I can break this situation down for you.

I urge you to listen to both episodes of this podcast and find the truth for yourselves. This latest episode really sent my mind out there onto new horizons and I find Jordan's ideas and thought patterns extremely fascinating, especially in this recent episode. The world is undergoing a massive shift and it is important we find our truth--even if what we thought to believe and hold true proves to be wrong. I have been wrong about many things many times in my life and I continue to re-establish my own truth as this world turns and wobbles. I celebrate when I am wrong, even when it hurts, because it leads me closer to truth and I feel myself grow and evolve as a result. For me, that feeling is far too important.

I hope you all continue to grow and evolve as well. Not just in your crafts and your pursuits, but in your role as a human being on this earth.

Because we are all in this together.

Stay Creative,

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