Monday, March 20, 2017

Fly Fishing The Freshwaters of Austin TX with Atmosphere.

Atmosphere. Austin, TX.
Atmosphere. Austin, TX.

I love when Atmosphere rolls through town and I was super stoked I had the opportunity to photograph their show again. They came through with Plain Ole Bill and Brother Ali again, who is as soulful on stage as he is on wax. On top of that good fortune, this year I got introduced to someone new--deM atlaS.

deM atlaS got the party started proper.

Emo's was live af!
Austin loves Atmosphere and we certainly loved deM as well!

Somewhere over the rainbow....All We Got, don't let me down.

I was sold immediately on this dude. His passion, his energy, all so powerful on the mic. Happy as hell to have been introduced to such talent.

Some of you may remember this poster I created for the show. Well, I worked out a deal with Rhymesayers to have the Standard Edition of the poster I created for the show sold at their merch table. The posters were sold out before deM atlaS's set was done. Slug was gracious enough to since everyone's posters and take photos at the table. I mean, how dope is that!?

Mutable Forces, the umbrella for Awake & Moving.
 A few limited variants are available here HERE.

I hope the images speak for themselves. The show was banging and a ton of fun. Big shouts to Rhymesayers for the opportunities they blessed me with in this show. Looking forward to the next!

Brother Ali stay banging.
Brother Ali.

Minnesota's best.

Slug forever rocking DOOM.

Stay Creative,

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