Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Burning the Inner Fires of Passion With AFI.

A Fire Inside (AFI). Austin, TX.
A Fire Inside. Austin, TX.

AFI is a band I am very unfamiliar with. In my youth I was more of a metal head and rap/hip hop guy. In my years I have met plenty of people from all wakes of life with varying interests., and music is usually a quick way to bond with someone. In our grade school years, we often use music as a meter of how well we will get along with someone. I've had many friendships begin solely on appreciation for music (as well as solely thrive on it). Skating for as long as I have, you eventually see the name AFI quite often, even if you don't hear them. I knew of this band from many friends but never really took the time to listen to them. I knew they were a bit punk or pop-punk and as they began getting some mainstream love, I was already diving deeper into underground music turning a blind ear to anything popular I wasn't already a fan of.

Davey Havok at Emo's Austin.

Jade Puget, AFI.

A quiet moment between the mayhem.

Nevertheless, you cannot deny 25 years of fandom and success. When you've been around that long and can not only gain new fans but also retain your early ones, you're definitely doing something right. I was originally planning to photograph the show myself as a means of practice since I have no personal attachment to the band. However for the betterment of the brand and content, I felt I could get better images to you all if I sent someone more familiar with AFI. I hollered at someone I met through Street Keepers, Clark Terrell, to go in my place and I'm glad I did. I don't think I could've pulled it off as well as a genuine fan could.

Absolute Power, moving crowds.
Commanding the crowd at Emo's.

AFI still got it.
Davey Havok catching air. How many bands with this longevity still perform with this kind of energy?

Hunter Burgan, AFI.

When you're passionate about a band, you're more than likely to get better images and it's a big reason I started shooting for myself rather than the other publications I used to shoot for that would send me to cover events I had no interest in (and those images always suffered). Some may feel that kind of thinking to be unprofessional, but if I am not getting paid to do it and I have no interest in it, what are the odds I am gonna be able to produce anything good from it? Food for thought, kids.

S/O Clark Terrell for these photos.

In any case, be sure to follow Clark on IG and let him know how dope these came out. I'm sure we will have him here on the site again in the near future. Thanks, Clark!

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