Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New, Solid Skate Flik "Numbers" Arrives In Style.

Numbers Edition, EST 12:45.

Earlier today, this mysterious clip made its way all over my Instagram feed for the day from all the skate channels and I finally had a few minutes to sit and watch it the full video. Koston, Mariano, Silvas, RodrigoTX, Antonio Durao all come together for some solid skateboarding. The video is chill, collected, and is full of pure skateboarding. No fluff, no filler--just damn good skating to some great music.

From what I can gather, Numbers is a new skateboard company with legends Guy Mariano and Eric Koston at the helm. Whatever Numbers Editions is about, let's hope they keep coming with great clips like this as well as some dope product. Holler at me for that AWAKE & MOVING x NUMBERS collab, guys!


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