Saturday, October 29, 2016

Aimlessly Meandering At Pop Austin.

There's something pretty amazing about group art shows. While I love seeing new works from one of my favorite artists collected into one giant room, group shows allow me to see more than one of my favorite artists in one night. Sometimes I may even discover a brand new artist I may have had no idea existed prior to the show and that's always cool. When I first read up about Pop Austin and looked through this year's invited artists, I recognized more than a few of the names on the list and I knew immediately that I had to make it through when I saw the likes of POSE, Swoon, and a long time influence known as Brandon Boyd on said list.

Lisa Schulte, Continuation of a Dream. Austin, TX.
I got lost in this thing several times"Continuation of a Dream", Lisa Schulte.

I was invited out for a press preview night before it opened to the public and was immediately greeted with dim lights and cold concrete floors. Walking into the pop-up museum in Fair Market, the hanging neon was a welcoming glow as the enraged gases within shined brightly into the shadows above. I took a stroll very slowly around the entire space, marking artist after artist down to my Snapchat audience. Lichtenstein, Haring, Warhol, and other famous artist were given a moment in my audiences' eyes with several more moments from my own. It was truly an honor to be around so many pieces from such classical artists.

Young couples in art. Austin, TX.
Two patrons admire the works in Pop Austin.

As I [slowly] continued through the gallery, I began to see the modern artists. POSE, DABSMYLA, Cleon Peterson, and Swoon all caught my eye from far across the galley--these are my people. Artists I have been watching since before the mainstream caught eye of them. Artists that can crush a canvas just as easily as they can crush the side of an entire building. How cool is my life at this moment?

SprATX artist Jason Eatherly. Austin, TX
The mystery of Jason Eatherly.

Pop Austin continued throughout the weekend. I returned several times just cause I could. I mean, how often am do you find yourself in the presence of such a great collection of art? From all over the world, no less!

Fidia, Austin TX.
"Donald Fuck", Fidia. 

Fidia Falaschetti, Austin TX.
This thing is so rad in person.

It's important to talk to everyone you can at gallery shows, you never know who you're gonna meet and I usually meet cool staff or volunteers working events like these. Talented people in their own right, hiding and working amongst the crowds. I also meet fellow artists like these fine folks below.

Brandon Boyd of Incubus, Jason Eatherly of SprATX, and Andy from HOPE Project. Austin, TX.
Sara, Brandon, Jason, and Andy (HOPE). 

POSE MSK @tenderj, Austin TX.
I spent several minutes getting intertwined in this piece. "Tidy", POSE (MSK).

Brandon Boyd (Incubus), Austin TX.
Brandon Boyd was all smiles during his panel.

Thank you to the crew at Pop Austin for letting me come through and geek out on all of the great art at the show. Not only was it great to meet some of the artists in the show and discuss the work more in depth, but I also feel very rejuvenated and inspired to pick up a brush again. Having spent so many hours walking around this show I can say I am truly humbled to have seen so many great works in person. It was a blast sharing my time there through Snapchat, I hope you all got to watch if you weren't in town. In any case, enjoy the photos and be sure to do some research on the artists mentioned here as there is a TON of inspiration in this post.

Some cool golden gummy bears! St├ęphane Gautie, Austin TX
"Happy Bears Happy Colors", St├ęphane Gautier.

Art is meant to be an expression of the self and it is amazing to see so many different forms of that creative expression under one roof.

Stay Creative,

Brandon Boyd, Austin TX.
Passing through Brandon Boyd's newest series.

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