Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fractions: SLOKE ONE.

SLOKE ONE finished piece as he cranked out a new one down the wall.

I was running some errands earlier this morning, just another Saturday, and I was chillin' at a red light. As I was contemplating the rest of my afternoon, the light clicked green and as I was bending the corner, I saw this piece (above). I'm up in this area a lot and knew right away that this was new, so I pulled in for a closer look. To my good fortune, I saw Austin graffiti legend, SLOKE, painting on the other end of this wall. After making introductions, I finished about my errands, and returned later with my camera. As I was shooting, I started thinking about all the random little decisions that led me down this road and up to this moment. I usually pass by this corner a lot but I'm hardly ever actually on this street. It's funny how life works out. Lucky for me, he was still there later, but it was a solid reminder to carry my camera as much as possible because you never know what or who is around the corner. Stay Awake & Moving, Keep Pushin' Forward.

Thanks for the photos, SLOKE!

Stay Creative,

MTN 94s all day!

MTN Hardcore.

Graffiti textures.

Letters upon letters.


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