Monday, September 5, 2016

Fractions: Film In Johnson City.

Texas two-step. Johnson City, TX.
Two-stepping the sleepy streets of Johnson City.

Earlier this year during the Spring, I took a little trip to a small town north of San Antonio called Johnson City for a group photography show. Afterwards, I took to the streets of the small downtown area and snapped a few film shots. Shot on Lomography's "Earl Grey", this film is pretty bright on the highs leaving an almost whimsical feeling in the shots. You almost have to aim a little darker to avoid the glowing highs. I developed these at home and that itself is a fun endeavor. It's all in your hands so if you do it right, then it's a huge, rewarding self-pat on the back. If you fuck it up, well then, it's all on you and not the lab. Nevertheless, film is a magical part of photography that is always a challenge as well as a reward itself. I urge everyone to try film at some point in their lives.

Stay Creative,

Framing her eyes.


A natural beauty next to machined beauty.

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