Tuesday, August 23, 2016

High Five Pop-Up Recap.

The pop-up shop at High Five Shop was live. Photos by Zina Zina.

The internet is a fun place. With a few quick taps of your fingers, on a device you carry in your pocket or purse, you can connect with people literally all over the world in a instant. It's an amazing time to be alive and we are now more connected than ever. Conversely, we are somehow just as disconnected, if not more now than ever. A strange paradox. While the internet has bridged so many gaps, it has also kept so many from enjoying life in real time, "in real life". This is precisely what drove me to initiate a pop-up shop in my hometown of San Antonio after the completion of the latest collection, Roots; I wanted to meet the people behind the tweets, behind the double-taps.

There's something visceral about holding something created by another in your hand. Which is why I am a strong perpetrator of the idea that print will never die. No screen, no VR, can ever duplicate physically holding something in your hands. This is where the High Five Shop comes into play. Located in the N. St. Mary's strip of San Antonio, the High Five Shop houses a massive collection of art in many forms from artists all across Texas. This was a perfect place to host the new collection for one night. A place for you to not only physically hold and feel the new pieces, but also to hold and feel creations from so many others. To hold and feel each other's presence. This was about connecting.

Whuddup Gonzieee & Ren!? SK familia!

Jonah Conrad on decks. Peep the new Headspace tee by Artifacts and Nico.

I had the opportunity to make new acquaintances as well as reconnect with familiar faces. All while others do the same to the soundtrack provided by some really talented guys, 40hands, Ark, and Jonah Conrad. Having all of this energy in one space for one night was a magical thing for me. To see so many bridges made and conversations take place, all under the umbrella of Awake & Moving, is something I am very proud of. Everyone involved made it all the more special.

Chopping it up with art homies.

Ren is on Mars again.

Truck N' Taco. Their chicken and al pastor were the hit of the party. 

San Antonio's premier talents, ZERK and Conah.

I learned a lot in creating my first pop-up. Like making sure your food truck's generator is nowhere near your music. Or to remember that you can rely on people coming through for you when you get stuck in 2-hour traffic and forget to buy ice. All the little things were taken mental note of as the night progressed. All in all, I returned to Austin feeling a big sense of accomplishment and relief. This thing was a bitch to pull off, all things considered. But I would do it all over again. And will, very soon.

 Johanna & Ozzy.

Vince (of Frontage) & Rebecca.

 Nico (of Glyphs) & Andrea.

The homies and models for the lookbook, [Isaac] Mello & Laura.

Youngblood, Arkeologist & 40hands. 

No one's smile is as big or as long-lasting as AMS's. 

SA's finest. Un-muoher-fucking-defeated.

BIG S/O to longtime friend and creative partner Broseph. Be sure to visit the High Five Shop when you're in San Antonio at 806 E. Mistletoe, 78212.

Stay Creative,

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