Saturday, August 13, 2016

First Pop-Up at High Five Shop!

High Five Shop. San Antonio, TX.
Awake & Moving's first pop up, going up at the High Five Shop.

SUPER STOKED for this one. I've been wanting to do this for a good minute and well, after all the preparation and producing of the newest collection, Roots, I decided why the hell not. I messaged my good buddy Joseph who is the owner and curator of the new High Five Shop in San Antonio--a dope new shop collecting some art, stickers, tees, and more from artists all over Texas (more on this spot soon). Joseph was down and just as excited as I was. After some brief planning, we settled on a Friday night to get things poppin'. The date we settled on has left me with less than two weeks to get this thing going and boy is it coming together quickly. I have a few things I can announce for this pop-up as of today...

First, music. I want this thing to be dope and so I started with reaching out to some homies to come bring the vibes. I am happy to announce we got 40hands, Ark, and Jonah Conrad of Timewheel coming thru to lace us with the face melting beat sessions and DJ sets these guys are getting known for. Jonah just put out a full length Headspace earlier today and 40 & Ark put out Skroll Protection, Vol. 1 not too long ago--both available on Spotify & iTunes and both are FIRE. Straight up--it's gonna get live. If you haven't seen these guys yet, you're in for a great show. Prepare to get your boogie on, it's hard to sit still with these guys pumping out the jams.

Next up, exclusives. I am putting together an exclusive sticker sheet ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE POP-UP. I'm dead ass serious, the only way to get one of these is to pull up and cop one. They will not be printed at any other time and to make it a bit more rare, I am printing a suuuper small run of these. Think less than 50. Like half of that.

Oh, and the first five people through the door are getting one of these FREE. Don't sleep.

I am bringing all my inventory to the pop-up and will be updating the store live throughout the night as pieces move. I want to connect with you all in person and as cool as packages are, the irl experience is always better. Come out and dap it up while you cop one of the new pieces and let's talk about hood life.

I am having a special banner made up to be used as a back drop for photos. Wear your best threads or cop some ish at the pop-up and let's catch fliks! Be sure to look fly, no half-steppin'!

I am working on getting a taco truck to come out and get us all phat. I may bring some other treats to cool everyone off as well because it's been hot af lately. Honestly, this thing can get pricey quick so I am just looking to do all I can with little to no budget. With all the above mentioned though, it's already sounding like it's gonna be dope and all that ish is taken care of. So tell your homies to come kix it, tell your parents to spot you some cash if you ain't working. If you do work and are scheduled, call in. Tell your shitty teachers they ain't shit and bring them out to put 'em on something real. Bring your boo or bae or whatever and let's turn up! Good vibes only, so come party and let's kix it!

See you there.

Stay Grinding,

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