Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Skate.

Andrew in Blue Park. San Antonio, TX
Andrew with a kickflip up the box.

I woke up today to some pretty damn sweet weather. Cool breeze and sunshine. As I ate my breakfast I read the latest issue of Thrasher featuring Skater of The Year 2015, AVE. (Congrats Van Engelen!) I've been in love with Thrasher since I was a wee one using my little grubby fingers to thumb through my older brother's magazines. Along with Hit Parader, Thrasher was my favorite in his collection. Straight up, I owe skateboarding to my brother. While there weren't many of these laying around back them, I gravitated to these always when they were. In high school I definitely bought as many of these as I could with my meager allowance from a day-job I despised and swiped those I couldn't buy from said job. Terrible.

Anyway, as I was reading through it this morning, I thought, "Screw this! Why am I reading this thing when I could easily hit the park up the road and go ride!?" That's all it took. #riseandride

I got dressed, scooped my dog into the ride, and hit up Blue Park. I never was one for skating tranny but I love coming here for that very reason--to learn it, dammit! After rolling around, shooting, and teaching my dog Ollie to get is Murdy on, I took off to the DIY spot. If you're fortunate enough to know this spot, props. My homie Miggy turned me on to it a couple years back when we met and I love it. It's always changing and it's always fun to skate or photograph some gnarly young rippers. I threw a sic melted skate wheel mural here once, too. It's truly a skater's paradise.

DIY 4 Life!
 Definitely been a while, this little channel wasn't here last time I visited.

SK8 or DIE!!!
 Yung Skate Jedi.

I felt like I was 16 again skating in the sunshine all afternoon today. BIG S/O to everyone who skates here, paints here, and most importantly BUILDS HERE. This little gem is definitely possible by your hard work and sweaty hands. We all owe you pizza and beer. Bless your DIY spirits, ya filthy skate rats.

Stay Creative,

A sticker job from hell and the funnest little baby hump I've ever skated. (Seriously, I hit this thing up numerous times today.)

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