Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fractions: SXSW 2016.

Austin Police and random smoker. Austin, TX.
*sniff sniff* "What's in here?" Marijuana is still a sketchy subject in 2016.

Another SX in the can and another set of some street snaps. Austin is a great place for street photography and during SXSW is a prime opportunity to catch some really interesting people and events. From musicians to promoters, to music lovers and fashion heads, the annual music fest attracts people from all over the U.S. and even other parts of the world. For an entire week 6th Street shuts down for vehicular traffic and opens it's floodgates for walkers.

I Got Plugs.
Power banks are a must at SXSW. 

Alex Koltun of New Thousand. New Orleans music.
New Thousand.
One of the best acts performing in the streets I've seen in my four years of SXSW. This trio is sure to go places.

Belly dancer with a passerby.
Street performers can be such good sports. This dancer grooves along with a passerby.

Belly dancer in Austin TX.
That mask was really dope.

Most people I talked to this year agreed that the vibe was a bit different and not as fun or entertaining as last year. I'd have to agree. From a street photography perspective, it was definitely a bigger challenge to catch interesting people this year. But I love a challenge and hit the streets during St. Paddy's day and Friday night when the thunderstorms hit. It wouldn't be SX without the rain.

Let me get those winning lotto numbers!
Me tryna get the early scoop on the lotto numbers so I could win some big $. I need that Sigma 35mm. (I didn't win and will happily take donations as sales from the webstore.)

Green lollipops and trap phones.
Trappin' them green lollis. 

Thrasher. Skate or Die.

Poison, 80's wolf rock.
The rising trend of "grungewave" has certainly made it's way into Texas.

It was my intention to not shoot as many shows as last year and as a result, I didn't shoot any! I spent all my time in the streets. I eventually found a decent groove and caught some nice images. Austin comes through once again. See you next year, SXSW! Enjoy!

Stay Grinding,

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