Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Resurging Exclusivity of Streetwear.

Josh Vides of streetwear brand CLSC.
Photo courtesy of Josh Vides.

How To Start A Brand In 30 Days. Pretty self explanatory. The twist is, the information is gone in 24 hours. And you've already missed the first 18 days. Welcome to 2016.

Josh Vides, creator and owner of CLSC, has started something really golden with his 30 Days... idea. If you've read Bobby Hundred's essay on Hypebeast about the current state of streetwear, then you're already ahead of the curve. 2015 seemed to be a big decline in the world of streetwear and many put the blame (without quite saying it) on saturation. And I agree. This little quiet world of exclusivity and subculture has opened up to every mall across America and it is no longer difficult to get that special article of clothing you desire (unless it's Supreme). In fact, a lot of this world isn't even special anymore. The underground now resides above ground next to Macy's, H&M, and graffiti. Business is business.

While most of the heavy hitters are still offering mass production of lines, some pieces from the major brands are leading back to limited production again like the recent The Hundreds x Liful threads or the Link Park XVLP collabs. One of these brands, yet to be available, is known as C.B.L. Created by Josh Vides as a way to "do whatever the fuck I want and create that exclusivity again", C.B.L. takes a familiar approach in that the pieces are extremely limited and even the time window to purchase this brand is only slightly cracked open--one hour. That's all you have to get this stuff. How's that for exclusive?

Josh has decided to take his audience along for the ride as he launches C.B.L. and this includes sharing his step-by-step approach of how to start a brand. Showcased entirely on his C.B.L. Snapchat, MY.CBL, Vides has been showing users how to build something from nothing. Logo design, tech packs, production--Josh runs the gamut of producing a brand from start to finish through little moments of time and if you missed a lesson, you're out of luck. 

What you may or may not know about Awake & Moving is that I take a similar approach. When I put a t-shirt out, I do one run. No reprints, no restock. Cop or miss out, plain & simple. Will I always operate this way?--I really can't say. Clearly, this game is always changing and I have to adapt to change if I want to succeed. I have no problem with that. I'm happy to be selective and to be mindful of my saturation as I grow this brand. While I reach the world with Awake & Moving, I want to create value and I want you to appreciate that value.

I decided to write about this more than halfway through Josh's 30 days to illustrate his idea even further. You've already missed 18 days. You've already missed the groundwork. You're fortunate to have even found it this this far in. It's almost over. There is a slight sense of FOMO here, if you can appreciate it.

There are no written lessons or replays, this isn't Skillshare. 

This is Streetwear. As it once was.

And I'm stoked to see it happening.

Keep Pushin' Forward,

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