Thursday, January 28, 2016


House Park, Austin, TX.

Skateboarding is something that never really leaves you once you find it. When you commit yourself to being a skate rat, skateboarding just stays in your blood. I don't skate as often or as hard as I used to, but the culture itself helped cultivate who I am today and how I view life. It's just part of my life, always.

I love visiting skateparks to simply roll around the tranny but when I forget my board, I like to just watch the new cats rip because I am constantly amazed how crazy skateboarding has become. House Park is a spot I love and on this day I happened to choose a different vantage point than usual. I caught this guy just demolishing every spot he hit with some great technical skating. It was awesome to shoot from this angle and distance without anyone knowing I was even there. People are more likely to be themselves if they know they aren't being filmed and just skate.

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