Monday, December 7, 2015

Awake & Moving Winter 2015: Cessation.


Winter has arrived and the sun is showering its warmth less and less with each passing day. This is a time for remaining indoors, mass consumption of tamales and holiday sweets, Netflix & Chill, Cuffing Season, and sleeping in. Personally, it is during this season that I take time to slow down, but never really stop. Winter brings on the end of lush life in nature with dropped temperatures and less available sunlight. I stay indoors a lot more and reflect on the previous year, recharging my spiritual batteries while preparing for the approaching year. Many will account winter as a time of decay and death. So it was my attempt to display this in a fashion that still relates to the brand as a whole.


Let's face it--cigarettes cause cancer. It may not happen to everyone, but they do. Cigarettes are synonymous with death. Worldwide. While often ads will promote smoking with good times and beautiful people, as we grow older, what we see in our own lives with cigarettes is usually a complete opposite. We all have that one (or more than one) relative with that incessant cough and stank breath from years and years of smoking cigarettes. Struggling to ascend stairs or walk long distances. Hell, it may have even been us at one point! As a former smoker, I've realized it is our personal choice to poison our bodies and at one point, I woke up one day and decided I had consumed enough of the Slow Death. As an artist, I often feel responsible to broadcast my truth and my world as I see it in hopes of reaching even just one person. So to be socially aware of a multi-billion dollar industry that preys on the decay of mankind for the purpose of profit, I knew at one point I would have to touch on this subject. As you stand outside this winter, shivering in freezing temperatures to get your fix, smoke all you want but be at least honest with yourself and the slow deterioration you are providing your body with. Smoke if you got 'em!


With death in nature, comes decomposition. With decomposition, we are left, often, with nothing more than bones. Skeletal remains of what once was. As the winter freezes over and many plants and animals die, many of our resolutions and unaccomplished goals die as well. However, for the passionate and persistent, we chalk up the lessons learned and keep pushin' forward to the new year in pursuit of completing or evolving those aspirations. We trim the fat, reorganize, and continue on. So even in death, we keep moving. Keep pushing. Keep reaching for that peak. Because we know in our hearts that the view is spectacular and worth every struggle to get there. Raise those bones and go after what you want.


The bear is the cornerstone of Awake & Moving. The epitome of what this brand stands for. Through the seasons of warm foraging and cold hibernation, their is always development and growth. Slowing down is not the same thing as stopping and the pursuit is always alive; Awake & Moving is self explanatory in that sense. The heart is always moving and when we are awake, we are granted the opportunities to manifest our dreams into reality. Stay warm as you do it.

And with that, we retreat to our caves and our dens to reflect, recharge, and ready ourselves for the upcoming year and all the prosperity, growth, and passion it will bring. Spring 2016 is already in the works as is Summer 2016. Until then, stay up on the Cessation collection and thank you for all of your support from 2015. Every sticker bought or slapped in your city...every shirt bought for yourself or a loved one...every show you attend, every link you share, or every person you tell about Awake & Moving helps this thing move forward and upward.


Keep Pushin' Forward,

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