Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Hello and welcome to the resurgence of Awake & Moving. A few years ago I started this brand with the intention of creating visual art people could wear that were alorepresentations of them. Not just "Oh, I like that design.", but rather, "Woah, this design speaks to me. This design IS me." I want every piece to represent someone or a type of someone I have met in my varying interests of art, music, comicbooks, science, skateboarding, and everything else that captures me in some way. There were two releases before I packed up and headed out West to Phoenix, AZ. Upon arriving, I struggled to keep this machine running properly. My personal life took precedent as I began to ponder and understand what I really wanted out of life. A few months later after a very brief stint in California, I found myself back in Texas with very little to my name. I began to really understand what I valued in life. I spent the next year or so creating a stable foundation for myself with the intentions of reaching the sky, then the stars, and eventually the places we only dream of and meditate into.

I took to time to really cultivate projects that meant something to me. To pursue the passions I had deep within me and to realize they don't ever go away during a resting hibernation. It is simply a time for recharging. And so I did. I took rest and slowly began to build not just what I had, but also what I had initially set to create. Eventually, I released DSP3, a collection of visual art pieces that represent the different disciplines I pursue regularly. This project evolved from a 20-page black & white staple-bound collection to a full on 50+ page perfect-bound book in full blown color--all self-published and produced. It was like the introduction to color TV. It had been a project that had been on a back burner for too long. All the while having Awake & Moving slowly baking in the oven beneath DSP3. Having put the milestone of creation out, it was time to awaken from my slumber and restructure Awake & Moving.

The coming months were spent tirelessly creating ideas, working on philosophies, and understanding what I want from this brand. I want to reach YOU. I want to represent YOU. I want my creations, that come from the inner consciousness we are all connected to, to touch your body, your mind, and your spirit. It seems so over the top for what most streetwear brands stand for today, I know. And that's the point. I am never satisfied with the norm or the status quo. I have always been about evolution and growth. If we push each other to grow, help one another achieve greatness, then that only means we will collectively evolve. I mean, who wouldn't want to be the best version of themselves possible? Aren't we all trying to reach Super Saiyan 4? So in everything I do, in all creations that come through me, I am simply wanting to make them better and better.

For the first time since I've started this thing, I feel like I finally have a firm grip on this thing. This run was so much different than my first. The ideas were a bit more solid, I used a lot more of my different creative skills, and I even printed more than half of this release myself. A daunting task that proved extremely rewarding even through all the missteps and mistakes. We can only learn from these mistakes in order to grow. Residing in them and kicking ourselves does nothing but slow progression. So yes, there may be some flaws with Summer 2015 but you know what?--they aren't flaws so much as a representation that we aren't perfect by any means. That now reflects, if even unintentionally, in this season. It can only get better from here and I know you will enjoy this release and subsequently everything that will follow.

For those of you still with me, thank you for your patience and continued support. I said this thing was still alive and now you have the proof. For any new people joining Awake & Moving, I simply ask you strap in for a great ride. I have a lot to do with Awake & Moving and even though this brand is essentially just me, from designing to photographing to writing, I often speak in "we" because YOU are just as much a part of this for everything I mentioned above. WE are Awake and Moving.

Visit the shop by clicking the link in the top left of this page and let me know your thoughts. You will find us in stores soon and can always find us at a random show or two reaching out to you personally. I only have one more tidbit for you all...and that is simply...


Keep Pushin' Forward,

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