Tuesday, March 29, 2022

The Gang Goes On Tour.

Portugal. The Man live at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, CO.
Portugal. The Man performs like at the 1st Bank Center. Broomfield, CO.

In the words of Frank Costanza, "I'm back babyyyy!"

It's been a little over two years since I last photographed a concert and I have been itching to be back in a photo pit so intensely. Having just moved to Colorado late last year, it's been a slow process of finding some normalcy and creating a new routine for myself while exploring this foreign territory I now call home. Couple this with extreme mandates and requirements just to attend a show, I figured the universe was intentionally giving me a break from the creative hustle. While it's been nice to take some time off from things, I was incredibly stoked when I received the approval to photograph Portugal. The Man, currently touring the U.S. with Alt-J and Cherry Glazer. P.TM has become one of my favorite acts to catch live, camera or not. Their stage presence has an almost tangible feeling to it that brings with it an inexplicable sonic energy which you can feel in your spiritual core. Yes, it gets that intense. The percussion, the vocal melodies, the vibrations--it all felt so amazing to be back in such energy after such a long hiatus. What I wasn't expecting was the incredibly tall stage that made it nearly impossible to get great images from the pit floor. However we all got creative, stood on speakers and barricades for as long as security would allow, and gave it our best. In the end I walked away with plenty of images I am happy with and I hope you enjoy viewing them as I did making them.

My home
Is a girl with eyes like wishing wells

I'm not alone
But I'm still lone, lonely

Stay Creative,

Zoe Manville and John Gourley.

The Gang Starts A Band. Eric Howk, Zoe Manville, and John Gourley.

Ultra baddass percussionist Jason Sechrist.

Day Man and Night Man, Kyle O'Quin and Eric Howk.

Eric Howk always brings the heat!

Oo-ooo, La-La-La-La-La let's live in the moment!

The Gang Expands Their Set Design.

Stage was as high as I was.

Portugal. The Man.
I love a good silhouette!

The Gang Plays In Bloom By Nirvana.

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