Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Floating Stretch On Lake Travis with Allie Bee and Black Swan Yoga.

The graceful Alli Bee. Austin, TX.
Alli Bee leading class, floating on Lake Travis. Austin, TX.

Making photographs of roughly two dozen people stretching on a tight-spaced boat floating on a lake is brimming with challenge. Luckily, I love a good challenge! Alli invited me to come photograph one of her Boats and Yoga events a few weeks ago. It was such a blast and we stretched well into the night followed by a swim under the full moon. We stretched, we laughed, we shared, we bonded. I am super thankful for all of the amazing experiences and people yoga has brought into my life and this event was one for the books. Alli leads some great classes and this one was out-of-the-box enough for me to have a very unique experience stretching and making photos. Big ups to Alli and Black Swan Yoga for this incredible event!

All smiles with Maddi and Alli.
All smiles with Maddi and Alli. 

Floating and stretching.

This cute couple!


 Having fun with the sun.

That sunset tho!

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