Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Minus The Bear Brings 17 Amazing Years To A Celebratory Close.

Minus The Bear plays Emo's. Austin, TX.
Minus The Bear bids us all farewell. Austin, TX

Goodbyes aren't ever easy. However, some are very satisfying even in the pain of a farewell. Such was the case for me at my first [and possibly last] Minus The Bear show. Recently, the Seattle-grown band has embarked on their farewell tour and made a stop through Austin, TX. Thankfully I was there, camera in hand, soaking in the melodic tunes through eager and soulful ears. Torn between my youthful excitement and the growing inevitability that this is ending. I'm not crying, you're crying.

Dave Knudson doing the damn thing.
Dave Knudson bringing the heat.

Set designers did a fantastic job.
Dreamy ceilings. Incredible set design.

Minus The Bear is a band that seems to ebb and flow throughout my playlists and my listenings overall. Usually a song or two here or there, maybe I'm feeling good and just need a break from rap, and then it's sudden floods of relentless replays trying to further dive into the emotions of each song that I seem to swim in so effortlessly. There's something very relaxing about the pinpoint accuracy in the lyrics Jake Snider puts together. His words have a knack for sounding very peacefully soothing only to realize the hurtful longing that hides within each bar. Yet it's somehow still all so comforting. For myself, it's always, "This guy gets it." Songs like Last Kiss and Excuses just have a way of reminding you that someone out there understands the feelings without knowing you or your story.

This guy gets it.
 The vocal legend Jake Snider. Such an honor.

Alex Rose lurking the keys in the shadows.
Alex Rose spreading the melodies across many keys.

I've photographed a ton of acts and I'm glad I was able to finally capture this band. First time seeing the band, I get to photograph them, AND they're closing the chapter as this band? Talk about a tidal wave of emotions! I've been wanting to see this band for quite sometime and their live presence brought a huge smile to my face. My biggest challenge this evening was seeing the barricade pushed so close to the stage and realizing I may not have the right glass on me for the change in distance. Also though, make best use of what you got, so we make it work. I hope these images capture as close they can of the evening. Although nothing beats the real thing!

Dreamiest of melodies.

Cory Murchy's dope ass boots.
 Killer boots, man!

Farewell, Minus The Bear, and THANK YOU.
Farewell, Minus The Bear, and THANK YOU.

Farewell and goodbye, guys. Thank you for very emotion you put into every note of every song. The ups, the downs, the yearning, the celebrating--they're all so amazing. Best to you all in your next chapters of life. Cheers to an incredible seventeen years!

Stay Creative,

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