Friday, November 30, 2018

Almost Real Things Is Hosting A Tremendous Block Party!

Almost Real Things Block Party.

It's time for a block party! The weather's dope, the lineup is stacked, and there will be a TON of artists in the marketplace. Almost Real Things has put together an expansive spread with live music, good food, and amazing people. For two days Almost Real Things will provide you with an amazing space to party with and support local artists, getting you involved with the community. (Tickets HERE, discount code below!)

All night, all day.

Personally, I'll have a grip of new printed goods for you, exclusive to this party. I'm debuting some new works on Sunday of some old and new pieces, created and printed by yours truly. Stickers, apparel, and prints, I got something for all of you--and your boo, too. I look forward to seeing you all, it's been a minute since I've posted up. This is a great opportunity to meet your favorite artists face-to-face, too. I am happy to meet any and all of you!

Bringing out some ladies!

Reviving this old chap!

For tickets to the dopest event before the year ends, visit and use the code ARTFRIEND to save $10.00 off and use that for the coffee you're gonna need Monday morning because you went hard in the paint at the block party all weekend.

Come thru!

Stay Creative,

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