Thursday, June 21, 2018

Live From The Stage: Ty Segall, Meatbodies, Christian Bland, and The Zoltars at Stubb's BBQ.

Chad Ubovich of Meatbodies. Austin, TX.
Meatbodies front man Chad Ubovich cranking out some trippy soundscapes. Austin, TX.

I forget shit. All the time. Like most ambitious creators, I tend to put too much on my plate at once to satiate the urge to dump my brain out of the mass amount of ideas that seem to never end (a gifted curse, I suppose). About this time last year I made a conscious effort to work on less at once so that I can finish more and put my best foot forward on all of my projects. Because of this, some things get sent to the back of the stove, some things get put in the freezer for future meals, and some things get left out of the kitchen all together and end up in a big filing cabinet. Like, who puts canned beans in their desk drawer?

Miranda of The Zoltars.
 Miranda of Austin locals, The Zoltars.

Jared of The Zoltars.
Jared with hypnotic vocal tones.

I have a small handful of concerts I have yet to get around to editing and sharing with all of you that I am finally making time for. First up was a surprise show I was able to cover for ArtIsHardTx. The show was Ty Segall with a pretty stacked lineup featuring The Zoltars, Christian Bland and The Revelators, Meatbodies, and Ty Segall to headline. Essentially, four bands I had never heard of. Sometimes you roll the dice and some of those times, you win big.

Like anthropomorphized magic mushrooms.
 Christian Bland and the Revelators. Psychedelic at its nicest.

Christian Bland and the Revelators.

Killer boots, man!
 This dude had the coolest fit, hands down. Head to toe in fresh af threads. Peep the Nike boots.

Christian Bland and the Revelators

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture many photos of Ty Segall that I was really happy with. Out of focus, low light, mic stands--there were a number of issues I had with my own work that I was rather unhappy with. The saving grace was one of the other acts, Meatbodies. Immediately upon hearing the name I thought to myself, "What a rowdy name." This band lived up to that reaction as I was treated with a hell of a show. This band is so fucking dope to watch live with so much erratic energy and stage presence that demanded you to dig deep and release your inner demons through hard-hitting melodies. I was absolutely FLOORED with this band.

Salud, cheers!

Just a mad man and his guitar.
Chad is such a killer performer. 

From front to back these guys brought a musical spirit I hadn't seen in a really long time, which made it so much more exciting since it was a new band for me. While most of these photos are of Meatbodies, I have to say Ty Segall put on a fantastic set as well with just as much energy. I love seeing performers like Ty who seem to simply let the music take hold and completely lose themselves in their art.

Ty Segall is just as wild.
Ty Segall in all his capricious glory.

I enjoyed every performer at this show as they all presented something unique about their sound. Meatbodies just had me moving more than the others and presented me with some amazing opportunities to capture some great moments. S/O to their amazing lighting tech--stellar work. Enjoy the remaining images below and be sure to follow all of these amazing bands across social media so you'll be ready to get tickets when they go on tour near you. Big ups to ArtIsHardTx for sending me to this show and hats off to all of these acts and the various psychedelic energies they brought to Stubbs. By far one of the most dynamic concerts I've ever seen here.

Stay Creative,

Meatbodies frontman, Chad Ubovich.


So much fun to watch.
 This band is so rad to see live.

Idk how Stubbs continues to put on such dope shows after so many years. So sic.

Silhouettes at shows are a favorite of mine.

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