Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Fractions: Street Film.

Downtown Austin, TX.
Nine floors up and counting. Downtown Austin, TX.

I've been sitting on a few rolls of exposed/undeveloped film for a good minute now. No discernible reason other than prioritizing among other projects. I've finally made time to get these developed and I want to share my favorite images with you all.

The first set of images from these rolls are some classic black & white from one of my free-roams in Downtown Austin. Having seen the images now, I remembered how I inspired I was during this time to focus on controlling the lights and shadows in stationary subjects during my street walks. This was during Stephen Vanasco's most recent shift in his own work. Stephen is a big source of inspiration for my photography in that I appreciate his technique and the knowledge he shares to flow within my own eye for photography. Having seen the shift in his work pushed me to look at my own work again and reevaluate how I look at my surroundings once more, particularly within the context of photography.

These images were a lot of fun to make for various reasons, but learning more about my camera and about photography is the most valuable part of approaching my creative endeavors. There is always room for growth in anything you do, so keep pushing forward!

Lookup Club.

Couple at the Capitol in Austin, TX.

My favorite alley in DATX.

Stay Creative,

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