Thursday, May 25, 2017

Getting High With The Austin Skyline.

Home. Austin, TX.
Twenty three floors and counting...

Like a lot of creators, I have spent a ton of my life as an introvert. As I began to take my work into the public eye, I started to see the benefit in talking to people. (To all my fellow introverts--bizarre concept, I know, lol.) Whether live-painting, vending, or in galleries, I began to find new opportunities just from talking to different people at art events. Especially those people outside of who I am usually drawn to. Since moving to Austin, I started seriously taking this idea of pushing outside of my comfortable rock into practice in my daily life as well as my creative life. From a smaller town where many within the art community know your work to a city much bigger and thus, a much more expansive art community, I find myself discovering opportunity in the strangest places.

Elevated view of the Texas State Capitol.
Texas State Capitol.

Recently, I met someone at a part-time gig I have who was gracious enough to let me return to his spot at night and capture this city I love and call home in a much different light. In fact, in almost all of its light! Since first diving so deep into photography, I had really wanted to make images like these. In the beginning, I spent several nights climbing fire escapes and walking parking garages in the late nights and early mornings to get as high and unobstructed views of skylines as possible. While I have no problem still doing this and even enjoy the rush, it was a lot more relaxing to have legit access and take my time making photos, rather than splitting that time climbing sketchy cranes or looking over my shoulder (so to speak).

UT Austin flanked by Guadalupe and Lavaca.
Windy flags and the UT Tower.

Today, I do my best to talk to as many people as I am comfortable doing. At first because you never know who may bless you with an opportunity like this. But now, I mostly do it just to learn about other people. To see how they live their life. It is a big reason why I started The Natural Spark podcast as well. As I get older, I am becoming more fascinated with how other people think and live.

360 Condos in Downtown Austin.
360 Condominiums (and the new bridge over Shoal Creek on 2nd).

West 6th Street. Austin, TX.
I ride this road (West 6th) on my bike a lot. It was so cool to see it from up here and not sweating & weaving through its traffic.

Looking down South.

Guadalupe facing North.

I hope you all enjoy these images. I will have prints available in the near future and I will be sure to let you all know when that happens. I have started printing in-house so it is likely to happen sooner than later. For now, enjoy these pretty lights!

Stay Creative,

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