Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Journey Through A Kaleidscopic Film Project From The Expansions of Q.

Them boys are at it once again. Ark & 40, aka Expansions of Q, bring you another musical visual and this joint really grabs you. A music video comprised entirely of stop motion shot on 35mm film stills, "9/8" takes the viewer down a mind-bending rabbit hole that piques the brain's darker senses. These guys develop their own film which makes this video that much more impressive. Be sure to keep an eye on these guys as well as the [Q] project with Jonah Conrad and Trionre.

I am so excited to see what these cats do this year. [Q], collectively and individually, continues to inspire me and give me hope for this coming generation and wave of music. I am so excited to be in the midst of their inception and growth. Keep crushin' it, fellas!

Stay Creative,

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