Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Experiencing A Full Year of Adventure and Growth.

Lady Bird Lake. Austin, TX.
6am and loving every single sleepy-ass minute.

It is officially one full year to the day since I have moved to Austin from San Antonio. This time last year I had completely cleaned my apartment out, loaded my pup, brought all of my belongings in a small moving truck into a storage unit in Austin, crashed at my girlfriend's place with welcoming arms, and began the next chapter of my life. I also spent that first evening here climbing up two stories into my friends apartment through her window because she locked herself out (and her dog inside). Welcome to Austin, lol. But that's another story for another time.

It has since been a cliche emotional roller coaster since then, rife with an insane amount of good fortune and opportunity. This brand has experienced great growth as a result of this move and it continues to propel forward. Awake & Moving is an extension of myself as an artist and I am truly honored and grateful to share moments like this photo with you. Last month, I got myself out of bed at 4am, made breakfast and coffee, and hit the road to capture a sunset over the waters of Austin. Unfortunately, it was a super cloudy morning, so no sunset. But I did catch the city waking up which, astonishingly, was well awake before I was. The trails nearby were full of early morning runners and the waters contained several vessels of rowers. Austinites straight gettin' it before the sun was out. Super inspiring!

For some, this 4am wakeup call to make photographs seems crazy, but I am a strong believer in the philosophy that if you can wake up early every morning for a job you hate, you can definitely wake up early for something you love. It's easy to sleep in on a day off, but why deprive yourself of such an opportunity!? Sleep-in for that shitty job instead. Then quit it. And then find something you love, find people that appreciate your potential, and live the life you want to live. I am still hunting for my purpose in life, but I do know this...moving to a wonderful city like Austin, with all the tradition and strength San Antonio has instilled in me, has been a great leap toward that purpose.

Thank you, Austin, for an amazing year of movies in the park, kayaks on the river, endless amounts of coffee, a shit-ton of concerts and photographs, and an infinite amount of life lessons. I will do my best to share some of my favorite moments from this first year later this week. More than that though, I will continue to make my hometown proud and continue to bring something new and enriching to Austin.

Stay Creative,

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