Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Celebrating My Gratitude for Women Worldwide.

State Capitol. Austin, TX.
Women's March on the State Capitol. Austin, TX.

Celebrating International Women's Day with some images from the Women's March in Austin earlier this year. It was a powerful afternoon with around 500,000 people peacefully marching. Not a single arrest as far as I could tell or read, and with such a turbulent time in our nation (this march coming off the heels of the inauguration), that's super impressive. Tied to a march/protest involving women?--maybe not such a coincidence. Today, as we should every day, we celebrate the women of the world. Our mothers, our wives, our sisters, our friends, our co-workers, our baes, our service women, our leaders, our artists, our teachers, our technicians, our business partners, our healers, and so many, many more--it takes women of all backgrounds to make this world function and progress. I thank you all for your positive contributions to the world we live in and I send a special shout out to my mother who raised two sons on her own and always encouraged me as an artist and showed me how to respect women. Thank you, mom. I hope everyone had a great day today, I thank you all.

Stay Creative,

Gay Pride, 100%.
In this streetwear world, parody and logo flips are staples. This flip on the Texas flag is beyond dope to me. 

Shepard Fairey still making big political noise in the art world.
Shepard Fairey's images were so impressive.

My favorite image from the day.

March on, women!!!

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