Thursday, August 4, 2016

Late Nights.

Sewing the new collection. Austin, TX.
View from the kitchen table.

It's far overdue. It's way past my deadline. And it's all on me, no one else. I'm also totally fine with it. Why? Because the collection looks DOPE. I'm humble as hell and every now and then I am extra proud of what I create to the point that I have to just stop pretending that I'm not impressed with what I made. This shit took a lot out of me, straight up. I put a lot of work into this next release and I sacrificed a lot to put these together. It took all summer coupled with this relocation, but I am happy to say everything is DONE.

I spent the last two nights sewing the finishing touches myself, one by one by one. I'm talking staying up til 2 and 3am just hammering away and up at 8am to hit the dayjob. Sewing on a machine is a new realm for me, but I hit it head-on and I am happy to have made it happen with all the outbursts and conniptions. It's another piece of me in every shirt.

I found someone locally to print the tees for me this time around. I want to keep as much of this brand DIY as I can, but the last two seasons just weren't as consistent and as clean as I would like. I have high standards for what I put out into the world and being a newb with little guidance was producing pieces I was happy with, just not completely stoked about. It definitely costs more money on my end to have someone print for me, short and long term, but in this manner I can provide a much nicer product and also help someone pursue their own dream of being self-sufficient. So it's definitely a bigger win in my book.

I will go further into the story behind the collection when the lookbook goes live, but I can say that the collection is called "Roots" and serves as a reminder to myself (and to all of you) to stay connected with your roots regardless of where you go in life. Your beginnings helped get you here, so don't deny where you came from even if it isn't who you are today because it helped make who you are today. It is important to grow and expand and it's just as important to remember where you came from.

Long story short, the lookbook will be up on Friday and will be available for download as a PDF here on the site. The new collection will be up in the store on Monday, August 8. There is a pop-up in the works so stay close, all the information will be posted here on the site very soon as it comes together.

Stay Creative,

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