Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Gone Tomorrow: Raul's Enchilacos Last Day.

Here today, gone tomorrow. Floresville, TX.
A countryside gem of deliciousness.

They say good things don't last. That couldn't be closer to truth when it comes to Raul's Enchilacos. If you are unfamiliar with Raul's, do the math: their signature dish is an enchilada inside of a taco. Genius. My buddy Ren told me about this place located in FLoresville, TX months ago and I never made the time to go check it out. Through the year I would see other friends talk of this culinary delight and still never made the time to pay them a visit. Until Ren hit me up last week and said the 27th would be their last day of operations. Donezo. No more Enchilacos. I couldn't let this place slip by without trying it. Ren and I hit the road Saturday morning and met up with another friend new to this place as well. The last day menu was extremely limited--Enchilacos Only. Which is the only reason I came anyway.

Raul's Enchilacos.
The Enchilaco in all it's glory. 

Tacos. 'Nuff said.
You can't miss this place driving by.

As the customers came through at a steady pace, we sat down with our orders and boy have I been missing out. It's one of those things you wonder why you haven't tried anywhere else (I mean, just put an enchilada inside a taco and boom!). However, the best part of this Enchilaco was the pineapple salsa on top. Good god, how amazing. If you had an opportunity to try this place then you likely feel a little sad that it's gone. If you didn't get to try it then, well, you're out of luck. Raul and his team have no intentions of opening up in the future. But how many of these old school bands have farewell tours, again and again and again? So let's hope this is a premature departure from food or just an early April Fool's joke. We're ready for your return Raul.

A little love from BLUE731.
A little farewell doodle. Thanks, Raul. 

Rene AMado, Knight of Raul's.
Ren became knighted into the family the night before. 

Thanks, Raul!
No shortage of color here.

Thanks for the good food and the memories you provided so many San Antonio and neighboring cities residents. Cheers!

Stay Grinding,


  1. I loved the place, my friends and I would eat here all the time, I miss it already.😭

  2. I loved the place, my friends and I would eat here all the time, I miss it already.😭

    1. I was fortunate enough to hit it up at least once. Wish I would've made that decision sooner, it was awesome!