Friday, February 19, 2016

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Today marks the opening day of our mailing list! You can now get all the first peeks at new releases, snippets of full stories from the site, contest giveaways, and much more to come in the future. Thank you for staying with us, as you can see we are growing with each passing day. Also, as a nature of gratitude for subscribing, the FIRST 50 SUBSCRIBERS will be entered into a random drawing for a FREE PRIZE PACK including tees, exclusive stickers, and other cool random pieces we throw into the package.

So hit the SUBSCRIBE link at the very top or click here and once again, thank you for your support. Your purchases from the store, word-of-mouth to your friends, stickers shining proudly on your laptops and belongings, and love on social media all help propel Awake & Moving forward. This is one way I can thank you all.

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