The Story

AWAKE & MOVING was born in 2012 from the goal of creating something that represents the diversity in the individuals I have met in my life while expressing myself visually. With so many interests and passions like skateboarding, comicbooks, visual art, graffiti, science, music, and so much more, I have met so many fascinating people that live various lifestyles. I’ve met numerous creatives that hold down day jobs and pursue their passions at night, or vice versa. Clock out of one job and into the next. The creative mind belongs to the individual that must release what is within by any means. This often means working every free moment to become better at what we love to do.

From the DJs that punch-in at 9pm and spin til 3am only to go to work as an RN the next morning, to the teachers that sculpt during the day and have a classroom full of students in the evenings, Awake & Moving is a representation of those that believe there is no substitute for hard work. The individual that knows success must be earned in order to be maintained. Those that believe there are no excuses to ignore your passions. We represent the people that will continue to push forward regardless of the outcome. Because that inner music simply needs to be released.

Hardwork, success, and passion.

We represent you…

...and your Endless Ambition.

We are Awake & Moving,

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